When only the very best will do!

About Us

dave cape cod giant bluefinOffshore Pursuits is a custom rod, premium tackle, and live bait store located in Niagara, WI. We offer custom rods, as well as our Platinum Series stock rods, the very best tackle money can buy, and, per our customers, the best live bait in the area.

For those of you that are new to Offshore Pursuits, we have been involved in the fishing industry, in one capacity or another, for over twenty five years. What started as a website dedicated to bluefin tuna fishing on the east coast of the US and Canada, evolved into a site of over three hundred pages, covering everything from commercial offshore bluefin tuna fishing, to inshore flounder. We did weekly fishing reports that went to subscribers all over the country, charter referrals that covered the entire east coast, as well as websites and hosting serving the charter fishing industry. If that wasn't enough, eighteen years ago I started Offshore Pursuits Premium Tackle. I was an online retailer of the very best offshore and inshore tackle and gear, as well as building our own line of offshore rigs, daisy chains, and teasers. This from my garage in NE Wisconsin. 

To make a long story short, about eight years ago I had to make a choice. Either start running Offshore Pursuits as a full time job, or scale back and concentrate on my "real job". The latter won out, so I shut down the online store, and maintained the web site for a few more years. This brings us to last year. Due to the events brought on by Corvid, I was laid off in June of 2020. Job prospects in the industry I was in were hard to come by, and as time went by, I began to think a lot about trying to get Offshore Pursuits back to where it was.

Well, here we are. I opened a shop in Niagara, vowing to handle only quality tackle and gear, as well as building the best rods around. It was only natural to include live bait in the mix, and vow to make that the best available. It was not the most ideal time in history to be undertaking anything like this, but we did it anyway. Offshore Pursuits online store has only been live for a matter of days. It is fully functional, with a only couple of products in the catalog to prove out the system and fine tune the process. I will be adding new product every day, so please be patient.

From the start, customer service has always been my priority. I am very proud of the track record we have spanning the last two decades. Although my main product lines have veered slightly from offshore to freshwater (not completely!), the level of customer service and support will never waver.

As always, I love hearing from viewers and customers alike.  Please feel free to contact me at any time, with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thanks! Dave