The New Offshore Pursuits!


Welcome to the new Offshore Pursuits family of websites! For those of you that have followed Offshore Pursuits for the last 15 years, you have come to expect that Offshore Pursuits has always been about quality and substance. Whether it be fishing reports, charter referals, articles and stories, or Offshore Pursuits Premium Tackle, we have always been there for you.

For over 13 years, Offshore Pursuits Premium Tackle supplied the inshore and offshore markets with the very best tackle, lures, and supplies that money could buy. There came a point where a decision had to be made as to the direction Offshore Pursuits needed to be taken. Unfortunately, work began to interfere with the day to day operations of Offshore Pursuits. It was then decided to shut down the online store. As you all know, Offshore Pursuits built it's own line of big game lures and rigs, specifically targeting large pelagics. That was also put on the shelf temporarilly.

Fast forward to the present... Offshore Pursuits L.L.C. will be opening a brick and mortar store in Niagara WI, in mid to late September 2020. We will be offering custom rods, rod building supplies, premium tackle, live bait, and much more! This store, and the online version, will be geared toward bass, walleye, northern, musky, and everything in between. As soon as the brick and mortar store is open, we will concentrate on getting the online store functional. Once we have that functional, we will get the Offshore Pursuits (Offshore/Inshore) website back to where it needs to be, including the online store. We plan to have that fully functional around the 1st of the year (2021).

Please check back often, as things will be changing rapidly.

Thanks! Dave

Giant Bluefin Tuna caught off Chatham, MA