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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Offshore Pursuits retail store at Allen Harbor


The Offshore Pursuits retail store at Allen Harbor
Marina will have an open house on June 6th from
10:00 AM until 3:00 PM with all tackle discounted
10% for the day!

We will have a complete line of Hogey soft plastics on
display along with our custom Sluggo, Ballyhoo and
squid spreader bars with special tips for school tuna
fishing. Directions to the Offshore Pursuits store at
Allen Harbor Marine can be found here. There will be a sign on the
building,so you can't miss it. We look forward to seeing you

Hatteras Village Offshore Open

I came back Sunday from Hatteras...85 degrees when I left Hatteras, 31 degrees when I woke up the here the next morning! Something isn't right about that!

I had a great time fishing the Hatteras Villiage Offshore Open. I didn't win in fact I didn't catch a marlin. I did have one on briefly, and we did have a few other strikes. We did have some big dolphin pile on the big marlin lures, so I did catch fish.

It was a great time. Rough water, huge boats, and some very interesting conversations with some very interesting people.

We did try, and had as good a chance as anyone. There were I believe 47 boats in the tournament. I have pictures coming in the next week or so.

I want to thank Capt. Dan Rooks and mates Mike and Ty for a great time onboard the Tuna Duck. We fished hard, but never found the fish we were looking for.

I also want to thank Todd Tharp of Todd's Rigs and Lures. He gave us a winning spread for sure. If you want the very best in high quality offshore trolling lures, you can't do any better than Todd's. Check them out at Offshore Pursuits Premium Tackle.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Off to Hatteras!

Well, I am off tomorrow to Hatteras to fish the Hatteras Village Offshore Open! The captains meeting is Tuesday night with the final day of fishing on Saturday. I will do some pre- fishing this Saturday and can't wait! If you ever get the chance to fish out of Hatteras, I promise you that it will be well worth your time.

I will be posting daily reports from the tournament to our blog, so check back often!
If you remember the newsletter from a couple of weeks ago you know that I will have professional photographer Marc Montocchio onboard for the entire tournament doing both above water and below water photographs. Win or lose, there will be some great pictures with some great stories to go along with them.

I want to thank Todd Tharp of Todd's Rigs and Lures for the beautiful custom spreads that he provided us. Full spreads, totaly custom, and more than beautiful. Don't be suprised to see a fish hanging with one of Todd's lures hanging out of i'ts mouth! We also rigged a few suprises of our own, so it should be a very interesting week.

Speaking of suprises, I can guarentee more than a few in the months to come. There are alot of things going on behind the scenes that will stir things up a bit, but apparently that is how the game is played! The good news is that all of you will benefit from what is coming. Stay tuned....


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First blue marlin of the season and other news...

I got word from my good friend Capt. Dan Rooks of the Tuna Duck that a Hatteras boat caught the first blue marlin of the season the other day. That is great news...I am fishing the Hatteras Villiage Offshore Open with capt. Dan and his great mate Mike. We have done alot of fishing together but this time it counts! I can't wait.

Take a look at the home page of Offshore Pursuits when you have a chance. There are two important announcements there concerning the regulation of the herring fleet in the NE. Very good news and great work by the whole CHOIR crew.

The bluefin are moving north! Up untill a week or so ago there were acres of 60+ inch fish off Hatteras. Last week the Oregon Inlet fleet was into them. Slow but sure they are making their way up the coast. If what they saw down there this season is an indication of what will happen off Chatham this season it will be a great year.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hatteras Blitz

I just got off the phone with my freind Capt. Dan Rooks of the Tuna Duck to discuss our upcoming tournament. I am fishing the Hatteras Villiage Offshore Open onboard the Tuna Duck with Dan and Mike (the Tuna Duck's first class mate). We have fished together many times and work well as a team. It should be more than interesting. I will fill you in on some special details as the tournament nears.

Anyway, there are acres and acres of bluefin tuna off hatteras right now. These fish all range from 55" to 75" and are upwards of 200 lbs on the long end. Sounds like heaven to me with multiple fish per day being caught. Throw in some yellowfin and wahoo and you've got your hands full!

If you want to catch a bluefin tuna, give Capt. Dan Rooks a call at 252-216-6160. I gaurentee you will be glad you did. Dave

David Dodsworth
Offshore Pursuits
Offshore Pursuits Premium Tackle


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bluefin Bite off Hatteras

There is a good bluefin bite happening off Hatteras as we speak. Fish to 60" are being taken in decent numbers. Sound familiar? They are also getting some yellowfin and a few wahoo. It will be interesting to see what shows up off Chatham this year. How big will those 60" fish from last fall be this year?


Saturday, March 21, 2009

2009 Season

Hello to all! As 2009 begins (it's almost 25% gone allready!) we are all facing challenges that are new, difficult, and downright scary at times. I am sure we will weather this storm as we have weathered the storms before it. We have no choice.

Instead of the constant doom and gloom that we hear about day in and day out, it is our intention to use this blog to tell you the good stuff. Where the fish are, what is biting, what they are biting on, when they are biting, and who caught what.

We want you to brag about your catch, send us pictures, and make us all feel good for you.

As we get into the season, there will be real time fishing reports posted to this blog, so check often. They will be posted by the Captains themselves, or they will call from offshore and I will do a post immediately. This format will be more fluid and dynamic and as far as we are concerned, a whole lot more user freindly to the visitor.

There will be many new things going on this season and they will be posted as they are set. Please feel free to add your two cents worth concening us, Offshore Pursuits, or anything you feel like. Let's all make this year a great one. Just remember, nobody is going to do it for us...